Customers feedback about Yangzi Explorer cruise

Dates: March 13th to 17th, 2016
Leyland Family, 2 person
Nationality: New Zealand

Transcription of the feedbacks interview we did on the same Yangzi Explorer cruise the last day to two of our fellow travelers, Jane and Bryan Leyland a lovely couple from New Zealand. It is not a professional transcription nor interview, but we are very glad they took their time for us, thanks again Jane and Bryan!

Jane Leyland from New Zealand

-Please make a short introduction about yourself.

My name is Jane and I am 72 years old from New Zealand.

-What is your general impression about the Yangzi Explorer?

Good, very good, yes, it has been a very good experience.

-What about your cabin and other facilities?

The cabin is very nice, it is spacious but also there is plenty of place to put things as well as organized, comfortable and the bathroom it has a very good bathroom. I’ve stayed in many hotels and everything works well.

-Please give us your opinion about the food.

There is plenty of it, there is big variety.

Yes, I quite like Chinese food, maybe I would have prefered that we had more options in our table, we were a table with Europeans of English speakers sorry I would have prefered in the sets menu that we had more Chinese options.

-What about the service, treatment and the offshore trips in general

The service and treatment has been excellent. all over the top. The shore trips have been very good, the guides have been good, some better than anothers. Excellent guide on the dam, very knowledgeable. In fact, all the guides been knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. Really good guides they response to us, to our questions not just general information that you get from some guides.

-Anything else you would like to add from your personal experience or any comparison to any other ship cruise

It comparises very well with the other cruises I have done.

Bryan Leyland from New Zealand

-Please make a short introduction about yourself.
I am 79 years old, hidropower engineer, I’ve traveled all over the world, more than 100 countries work in many places in the world.

-Which are your general impressions about Yangzi Explorer?

I think it is probably the best I’ve ever been on. Very difficult to find anything to complain about. I cann’t find anything to complain about

I would strongly recommend it to anyone, maybe it is a bit expensive but I think is well worth the try.

-What about your cabin and other facilities? is it good of terms of space, furnishing, etc.

The cabin is very good, big windows and a balcony and a stable bed and plenty of room. And very nice bathroom, everything you would expect is there. Everything works.

-Please give us your opinion about the food

I think the food is excellent! we have been travelling in Asia and Southeast Asia for these last two weeks and it is definetly the best food we have had during the last three weeks.

-And about the service, the treatment and the offshore trips.

Service is fantastic, everything it is almost too good, very attentive, very nice, very pleasent waitresses they chat to you and joke, very friendly, genuinely friendly.

-Something else that comes to your mind or any observation

If you wanna see the Three Gorges and the Power Station I suspect this is one of the best ways you can do it.

Thanks a lot for your time!

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