The Great Wall and Beijing by sidecar in two days
If you feel like a real adventurer and want to visit places from a unique point of view, this is your tour. For our first day, we have prepared a tour along the Great Wall by sidecar! Take this opportunity to explore a part of the 21,196 km. of this spectacular construction chosen in 2007 as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Make your friends and relatives to be jealous living two amazing experiences in a single day. Moreover, the following day we will continue our adventure visiting the city of Beijing, where you could admire the contrast between modernity and tradition, a sign of identity of this country.
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Great Wall & Beijing in a day and a half
Visit the Great Wall riding a sidecar and live a unique experience in this day and a half excursion.
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Great Wall in sidecar
Live a unique adventure with this tour of one day visiting the Great Wall by sidecar. Such an experience!
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