Romantic China, chapter three

Today our third chapter for the special getaway to celebrate your special date!

Guilin - Yangshuo

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Guilin and Yangshuo
Karst Mountains in Yangshuo

Nothing says ”I love you!” like spending some days in a trip discovering the real China! Get far from the big towns and discover the contrast between the big metropolis and  the country side. Yangshuo, south of Guilin, it is the perfect touristic destination to discover all this.

Typical Chinese landscape
Yangshuo landscape

 You can find a nice hotel away from the village to disconnect enjoying a nice room or going out for some walks in the nature. The karst of the Li River will give you many romantic moments opportunities, is perfect destination for couples looking for outdoor fun and natural beauty.

Puerto de llegada en Yangshuo

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View of the Li river

When the night comes, don’t miss the world famous “Liu Sanjie Impression Show”, a beautiful play of lights where the river and the mountains are the scenario. The perfect closure for a trip that both of you will remember for all your life.

Viaje de novios, aniversarios y fechas especiales

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