Romantic China, chapter two

This is our second chapter about Romantic China for you Lovebirds!

Today we want to talk about a charming watertown …

The most beautiful watertown
Wuzhen houses

Romantic destinations: Wuzhen

Water villages are perfect to make a short trip for a weekend and get out from the city. Wuzhen is one of the more beautiful of them, really well preserved and, since it is a little bit far from the city, you will find that they are not that many visitors like in other towns like Tongli or Zhujiajiao.

Wuzhen at night
Night lights at the channel

Located around 1 hour drive from Hangzhou is one of the most romantic watertowns if you spend at least one night there: waterways that lead you to flagstone streets and alleys; good number of bridges and secondary waterways… many hidden places to get lost with your most belove one! Our advice, to really enjoy the romantic feeling, if you have time, try to make it a two days trip and enjoy the  night there. The color lights reflecting in the channels will bring the mood for love!

Wuzhen, watertown

Channels by night in Wuzhen

Wuzhen downtown is very big and closed to the traffic, so you can have a very god time there just taking a walk and get lost in the alleys, or just sit in one of the many cafeterias to take a look to the opera singers dressed in traditional gowns that travel in boats.

Chinese Opera
Opera on the channel

And when the night comes, you can spend it in one of the many different accommodation types and unique setting that make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, with beautiful views to the romantic channels.

Wuzhen by the channels
Wuzhen at night

Wuzhen attractions

Xiuzhen Temple

Chinese wood carving

Wood carving Museum

Ancient pharmacy in Wuzhen

Ancient pharmacy

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