Romantic China, chapter one

When we think about China, maybe it does not strike us as a destination for a honeymoon or a romantic escapade, but we do think there is a lot more in the Middle Kingdom that meets the eye for you couples looking to relax, treat yourselves and have a good time!

Three Gorges View

Three Gorges View


It doesn’t mind if you are looking for some quality time together having some adventure or make treking just the two of you, enjoy the culture learning taichi and learning Chinese characters or just lay down in the paradise tropical Islands in the south.

Viajes de novios en un crucero

The eastern exoticism is the perfect place for honeymoons, anniversaries and special occasions.  In a series of four chapters, we will bring you four options for you to choose the most romantic one….


Three Gorges River Cruise

The ultimate destination for couples: 4 to 5 days sailing in a romantic experience with incredible views from your cabin balcony. The Three G

orges is a really enchanting area with many romantic scenes that have inspired Chinese poets and painters for hundredths of years. Enter in the boat and let them take care of you!

tour china luxury

Yangzi Explorer

An intimate and luxurious ship perfect for the romantic getaway

luxury cruise china

Imperial Suite, the largest suite on the river

Start your mornings with some Tai Chi, enjoy the international buffet, and get to know the wonderful Three Gorges Dam! The awesome natural scenerio of the Gorges can be the most beautiful canvas for you topaint with your love. You will discover the wonders of the Tujia Minority, the small town of Fengdu or get lost in the incredible Shen Long stream, one of the most magical places in the Yangtze River.

luxury cruise china three lesser gorges

Shennong Stream

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Impressive Three Gorges

If you prefer to spend the days in a more private and relaxed way, just lay down in your cabin, an incredible room with a king size bed, full private bathroom and balcony open to the river. Just the basic cabin is as big as any hotel room, but if you need some more space, you can choose a Suite cabin or, if you are really given it all, just go for the Imperial Suite, that includes the bedroom, a big living room and a front balcony to get the best view over the Yangtze!

Suite on the Yangzi Explorer

One of the Three Gorges

Youlan Tours is glad to offer special deals for our exclusive cruise on the Yangzi River. Enjoy visiting the stunning Three Gorges in this 5* vessel: amazing natural views from your king-size bed, relax in the private terrace of your cabin, luxury meals, off-shore visits and activities for all ages.

Yangzi River cruise departs every Thursday and Sunday just till end November, you still have the chance to go this year!

We can offer special offers on the November 6, 10, 13 and 17

Alternatively, book for next year with Early Bird Offers, for more information please contact us at


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